9.4. The mechanical transmission - removal and installation

1. Disconnect wires from the accumulator. Remove the accumulator and the shelf.
2. Lift the car and install it on support.
3. Merge gearbox oil. Disconnect levers from the transmission. Disconnect a rope of a speedometer and sockets of connection.
4. Remove a starter and elements of the exhaust system if it is necessary.
5. Establish a support under the engine. Remove the suspension bracket elements preventing removal of the transmission. Disconnect half shafts.

3.6 On the majority of models it is necessary to turn off bolts and to remove a case casing for receiving access to the lower bolts of fastening of the transmission to the engine

6. Establish a support under the transmission and turn off the bolts fixing the transmission to the engine (3.6).
7. Turn off fixing bolts and nuts of the transmission. Remove a fixing arm.
8. Check that all wires and hoses were disconnected and accurately take away the transmission from the engine.
9. When the entrance shaft goes out of the transmission, lower the transmission and remove it from below the car.
10. Establish coupling if it is necessary.
11. Lift the transmission and accurately install it on the engine.
12. Insert bolts of fastening of the transmission to the engine and reliably twirl them.
13. Establish a fixing arm of the transmission, and also fixing bolts and nuts.
14. Establish the suspension bracket elements removed earlier, and reliably tighten all bolts and nuts.
15. Remove the jacks supporting the transmission and the engine.
16. Establish all elements removed earlier and fill in gearbox oil.
17. Establish the accumulator shelf, the accumulator and connect wires to the accumulator. Carry out road tests of the transmission.