8.6. System of recirculation of exhaust gases

1. The system serves for decrease in maintenance of an oxide of nitrogen in exhaust gases It collects a part of exhaust gases from a final collector and directs them to an inlet collector

13:1á System of feedback of the carburetor engine - early models
1. Damper
2. Diaphragm of system of bystry idling
3. Electromagnetic valve of system of bystry idling
4. For models with the 4-staged mechanical transmission
5. Electromagnetic valve of the distributor of ignition
6. Ignition distributor
7. Double diaphragm
8. From the coal filter
9. Blowing-off valve
10. The sensor of temperature of the arriving air
11. The injecting valve
12. Concentrating valve
13. Fuel interruption in supply valve
14. Sensor of provision of a butterfly valve
15. The additional operating valve
16. The operating valve of system of recirculation of exhaust gases
17. Temperature valve
18. Sensor of temperature of cooling liquid
19. Vacuum switch
20. Catalytic converter
21. Catalytic converter
22. Sensor of content of oxygen
23. Lamellar valve
24. Air valve
25. Additional air valve

2. The system consists of the valve of system of recirculation, the additional valve (on some models) and the temperature valve (13.1a)