8.4. System of adjustment of temperature of the arriving air (model with the carburetor engine)

4.1 System of adjustment of temperature of the arriving air: when the engine cold, the air gate is open, and hot air from a final collector comes to the carburetor
1 Vacuum diaphragm
2. Branch pipe of intake of air
3 Air filter
4. Temperature sensor
5. Depression from an inlet collector
6. Final collector
7. Heat-shielding screen
8. Air branch pipe
9. Hot air
10. Air gate
11. Cold air

1. The system reduces the content of carbon dioxide and uglevodor in exhaust gases, reduces time of warming up of the engine and reduces frosting of the carburetor. Temperature of the arriving air is regulated by the air gate located in an inlet branch pipe, regulating from where air arrives: from the atmosphere, from a final collector or from both sources (4.1).
2. Position of the gate is regulated by a vacuum diaphragm. The temperature sensor in a casing of the air filter is controlled receipt of depression on a diaphragm.