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7.6. System of ignition - the general description and precautionary measures

During the work with system of ignition observe the following precautionary measures:
a) Do not include ignition longer, than for 10 seconds if the engine is not started.
b) Observe correctness of connection of a tachometer.
c) You watch that plugs of primary winding of the coil of ignition did not concern the mass of the car.
d) Do not disconnect the accumulator at the working engine.
Models with the ignition distributor - SOHC engines
The system of ignition includes the ignition lock, the accumulator, the coil of ignition, chain of primary and secondary winding, the distributor of ignition and spark plug.
System of ignition without distributor - DOHC engines
The system of ignition includes spark plugs, wires of high voltage, the ignition coil, the sensor of provision of a bent shaft, the power transistor, an electronic control unit and sensors.