7.20. A starter - check

1. If the starter does not work at inclusion of ignition, check that the lever of the automatic transmission was in the family way of neutral or parking transfer (for models with the automatic transmission) or the pedal of coupling was squeezed out (for models with the mechanical transmission).
2. Check accumulator charging and connecting wires.
3. If the starter works, but the bent shaft does not rotate, check the obgonny coupling.
4. If the click of the involving relay is not heard, check accumulator charging, the burned-through crossing point and the relay.
5. Give food directly on a starter and check work of a starter.
6. Disconnect the fuel pump and connect the voltmeter to accumulator plugs
7. Include ignition and take readings of the sensor. If tension makes 9 Volts or more, however the starter rotates a bent shaft of the engine  very slowly , so the starter is faulty. If voltage less than 9 Volts and speed of work of a starter slow probably burned contacts of the involving relay, the starter is faulty, the accumulator is discharged or somewhere there is a bad connection of wires.