7.2. General information

The system of electric equipment of the engine includes all elements of system of ignition, accumulator charging and start of the engine.
At care of electric equipment follow the following rules
1) Observe extreme care when checking details and devices of electric equipment At the wrong  connection,   or  the inept  address of the device of electric equipment of the engine quickly fail
2) At the idle engine it is forbidden to leave ignition included for a while bigger 10 minutes.
3). It is forbidden to disconnect cables from the battery on the working engine.
4). At the emergency launch of the engine from the battery of other car observe polarity of connection of the battery.
5]. Always disconnect the battery from weight first of all, and connect to weight at the latest moment, in order to avoid a battery zakorachivaniye the tool which plugs drag on.
Before the works described in the present Chapter will also not prevent to get acquainted with the security measures stated in the section "Security measures" at the beginning of this manual.