7.18. The regulator of a tension / brush of the generator - replacement of 1988 Precis (with the Bosch generator)

1. Remove the generator.

17.2 For removal of the regulator of the tension/holder of brushes turn off two fixing screws (are specified by shooters) and remove the holder of brushes

2. Turn off fixing screws of the regulator of tension (17.2).

17.3 Measure length of brushes by means of a small ruler - if they are shorter, than 2-3 mm, replace them

3. Remove the holder of brushes and measure length of brushes. If they are shorter, than 4,6 mm, replace them. (17.3)

17.4 For removal of worn-out brushes from the holder accurately unsolder wires of brushes

4. Unsolder wires of brushes (17.4) and remove brushes and springs.
5. Installation is carried out upside-down removals. Reliably solder new brushes.
All other models (with the Melco generator)
6. Remove the generator.
7. Turn off bolts, the fixing generator halves.
8. Clamp a forward part of the generator in a vice.
9. Turn off all nuts from a reverse side of the generator.

17.10a For simplification of dismantling of the generator heat a bearing casing
1. Soldering iron
2. Bearing casing

10. A powerful soldering iron heat a back box (17.10a

17.10b by means of two screw-drivers divide generator halves

) and by means of two screw-drivers wring out a back casing (17.10b).

17:11 Melco generator elements

1 Generator 2 pulley. Epiploon
3 Rotor
4 Back bearing
5. Fastening of the bearing
6. Forward bearing
7. Forward arm
8. Stator
9. Plug
10. Plate
11. Regulator and holder of brushes
12. Brush
13. Brush spring
14. Plug
15. Reducer
16. Back arm

11. Unsolder the holder brushes/regulator (17.11).

17.12a If brushes are worn-out further a limiting line, they need to be replaced
1 Limiting line
2 Limiting line

17.12b When replacing brushes solder wires in the following points
1. Solder

12. Examine brushes and replace them if it is necessary (17.12a and 17.12b).

17:13 At installation of new brushes they have to act from the holder at a certain size

13. At installation of new brushes solder the ends of wires of brushes so that brushes acted from the holder on 1,9-2,9 mm (17.13).

17:14 At connection of two halves together stretch a wire through a back casing and the holder of brushes for fixing of brushes in the holder

1. Wire
2 Brush
3 Wire

14. Assembly is carried out upside-down dismantling (17.14).