6.21. A turbocompressor - removal and installation

18.1 Turbocompressor elements

1. Heat-shielding screens
2. Laying
3. Perepuskna valve
4. Vacuum hose
5. Turbocompressor
6. Oil supply tube
7. Hose of the return pipeline

1. Remove heat-shielding screens (18.1).
2. Disconnect a hose of the return pipeline from an oil case.
3. Disconnect an oil hose from a turbocompressor and an arm of an oil filter.
4. Turn off an air supply hose bolt.
5. Disconnect the remained hoses and wires from a turbocompressor.
6. Turn off fixing nuts and remove a turbocompressor from a final collector.
7. Fill in pure engine oil in the compressor.
8. Installation is carried out upside-down removals. Do not forget to establish new laying.