6.16. System of multipoint injection of fuel (MPI) - removal and installation of elements

Throttle case
1.  Disconnect a returnable spring of the gate and disconnect an accelerator rope.
2. Mark and disconnect all wires and hoses.
3. Turn off four fixing nuts and remove the case.
 4. Before installation of the case remove the remains of old laying and clear the adjoining surfaces acetone or solvent.
Fuel collector
5. Release pressure from a power supply system.

15.6 Remove fixing clips and disconnect wires from injectors

6. Mark and disconnect wires of injectors (15.6).

15.7 Fasteners of the compressor of the air conditioning system
1. Breaker distributor cover.
2. Driving belt.
3. Air conditioning system tubes.
4. Rings.
5. Socket of connection of electricity.
6. Compressor.
7. Compressor arm.
8. Tension mechanism details.
9. Nut.
10. Roller.
11. Plug.
12. Long bolt.
13. Spindle.
14. Tension suspension bracket.

7. Mark and disconnect all hoses.

15.8 Turn off fixing bolts of a fuel collector

8. Turn off two fixing bolts and remove a fuel collector together with injectors, a damper and the regulator of pressure (15.8).
9. Installation is carried out upside-down removals.

15:10 Always replace sealing rings of injectors. For simplification of installation grease a ring with gasoline
1. Sealing ring
2. Plug

10. Remove a fuel collector and remove injectors from a collector. Installation is carried out upside-down removals (15.10).
The fuel pressure regulator the Regulator fastening outside

15:11 For removal of the external regulator of pressure turn off fixing bolts

11. Disconnect a vacuum tube from the regulator. Turn off  fixing  bolts  and  remove  the regulator (15.11). Installation is carried out upside-down removals.
The twisted regulator
12. Disconnect a vacuum tube.
13. Turn off a lock-nut and unscrew the regulator. Installation is carried out upside-down removals.