6.14. The throttle case (models with point-to-point injection of TBI fuel) - removal, a partition and installation

1. Release pressure from a power supply system. Disconnect a wire of the minus plug of the accumulator. Merge cooling liquid. Disconnect all necessary hoses, wires and branch pipes.
2. Mark position of the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve and remove it.

13.3 Throttle case elements
1. Damper cover
2. Sealing ring
3. Spring
4. Damper
5. Sealing rings (2)
6. Fuel pressure regulator
7. Mixer
8. Hose
9. Sealing ring
10. Throttle case
11.  Sensor of provision of a butterfly valve
12. Connection
13. Arm
14. Returnable spring
15. Lever of a butterfly valve 16 Ring
17. The disconnecting lever
18. Lever of inclusion of a low gear
19. Adjusting screw
20. Spring
21. Sealing rings (2)
22. Injectors
23. Plugs (2)
24. Sealing rings (2)
25. Fastening
26. Vacuum diaphragm
27. Spring
28. Returnable spring

3. Turn off fixing screws and remove fastenings of injectors (13.3).
4. Get injectors from the case. Remove laying of injectors and other elements.
5. Clear all elements, except a vacuum diaphragm and the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve in solvent. Check that vacuum and fuel channels were not littered.

13:6á Check correctness of installation of a sealing ring of an injector

1. Top party
2. Sealing ring

13:6í At installation of the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve check that the ledge "In" got to a groove "And"

13:6ó Check resistance between plugs 1 and 2 or 2 and 3 of the socket of connection of the sensor of provision of a butterfly valve when opening the gate

6. Installation is carried out upside-down removals (13.6a, 13.6b and 13.6v).