6.11. The carburetor - diagnostics and a partition

1. Before check of the carburetor it is necessary to check the following elements:
a) Check all vacuum hoses and diaphragms for lack of leak and correctness of installation.
b) Reliably tighten all fixing bolts and nuts of the carburetor and an inlet collector.
c) Carry out an inspection of a compression in cylinders.
d) Clear and replace spark plugs if it is necessary.
e) Check wires of high voltage.
e) Check wires of primary winding of the coil of ignition.
g) Check an ignition advancing corner.
h) Check the fuel pump.
i) Check operation of the gate regulating temperature of the arriving air.
j) Check/replace the air filter, k) check system of ventilation of a case, l) check/replace the fuel filter.
m) Check whether pipes of system of production of the fulfilled gases are littered.
o) Check operation of the valve of system of recirculation of exhaust gases.
o) Check operation of the air gate.
p) Check a power supply system for existence of leaks or deformation of fuel tubes.
c] check operation of the pump accelerator at the switched-off engine.
r] check the used fuel.
s) Check adjustment of the gas-distributing mechanism.
t) Address experts for check of electronic systems of the engine and the carburetor.

10:2á Mitsubishi carburetor cover Elements
13. Pin
14. Float
15. Needle valve
16 Saddle of the needle valve
17 Sealing ring
18 Laying
19 Fastening
20. Electromagnetic valve of system of feedback                  
21. Sealing ring
22. Sealing ring
23. Fastening
24. Electromagnetic valve of gradual  interruption in supply of fuel
25 Sealing ring
26 Sealing ring
27. Plate
28. Bimetallic spiral
29. Laying
30. Socket of connection 31. Cover
32. Diaphragm
33. Spring saddle
34. Spring
35. Case
36. Spring
37. Diaphragm
38. Valve
39. Electromagnetic valve of adjustment of mix
40. Laying
41. Cover
42. Spring
43. Diaphragm
44. Case
45. Spring
46. Diaphragm
47. Arm
48. Cover
49. Spring
50. Diaphragm
51. Case
52. Main air jet of primary camera
53.  Main fuel jet of primary camera
54.  Main fuel jet of the secondary camera
55. Cover of the float-operated camera

10:2í Elements of the block of throttles of the Mitsubishi carburetor
56. Steel ball
57. Small weight
58. Ball
59 Cap
60 Sealing ring
61. Ball
62. Screw
63. Laying
64.  Main fuel jet (primary camera)
65   Main fuel jet (secondary camera)
66 -
67 Spring
68. Diaphragm
69. Valve of a concentrating jet
70. Concentrating jet
71. Spring
72. Ball
73. Pump cover
74. Diaphragm
75. Spring
76. Pump housing
77. Laying
78. Mixing camera
79. Vacuum hose
80. Vacuum chamber
81. Sensor of provision of a butterfly valve
82. Lever
83. Adjusting screw
84. Lever of a butterfly valve
85. Cam
86. Adjusting screw of system of bystry idling
87. The disconnecting lever
88. Basic plate
89. Adjusting screw of idling
90. Spring
91 Lever of a butterfly valve of the secondary camera
92. Adjusting screw of idling
93. Cap
94. Screw  of adjustment  of composition of mix
95. Block of throttles

2. For a partition of the carburetor it is recommended to get the repair kit including all necessary laying, internal elements and instructions on a partition and the list of spare parts. An alternative to a partition of the carburetor is acquisition of already restored or new carburetor. Check that the new carburetor was the same model, as the old carburetor. Designation of the carburetor is usually put on the plate from above of the carburetor or on a wall of the float-operated camera identification number is beaten out. At a partition of the carburetor you are guided by the provided drawings (10.2a and 10.2b).