6.10. The carburetor - removal and installation

1. Remove a cap of a jellied mouth of the fuel tank. Remove the air filter. Disconnect an accelerator rope from the lever of a butterfly valve. On models with the automatic transmission disconnect a rope of inclusion of a low gear.
2. Mark all vacuum hoses and connections and disconnect hoses.
3. Disconnect a tube of supply of fuel from the carburetor. Mark all wires and plugs and disconnect all sockets of connection.
4. Turn off fixing bolts and remove the carburetor from an inlet collector. Remove laying. Stop up a collector opening with a rag.
5. Remove traces of old laying from the carburetor and an inlet collector and clear the adjoining surfaces acetone or solvent.
6. Establish new laying and install the carburetor on the collector. Establish fixing bolts.
7. Gradually tighten bolts in a diagonal order, their twistings on 1/4 for time.
8. Further installation is carried out upside-down removals.