5. Cooling systems, heating and air conditioning

Technical characteristics
1. General information
2. Antifreeze - the general information
3. The thermostat - check and replacement
4. A radiator - removal and installation
5. The fan of cooling of the engine - check and replacement of elements
6. The sensor of temperature of cooling liquid - check and replacement
7. A broad tank of the cooling system - removal and installation
8. The water pump - check
9. The water pump - replacement and installation.
10. The engine of system of heating and air conditioning - removal and installation.
11. A heater radiator - replacement
12. The air conditioning system and heating - replacement, installation of wires.
13. The air conditioning system - check and routine maintenance
14. A reception tube of the conditioner - removal and installation
15. The compressor of the air conditioning system - removal and installation
16. The condenser of the air conditioning system - removal and installation