5.9. The water pump - check

1. Breakage of the water pump leads to an overheat that can cause serious damage of the engine.
2. There are three ways of check of the water pump, without removing it from the car. If the pump is faulty, it should be replaced.
3. When the engine gets warm up to the normal temperature, squeeze the top hose of a radiator. If the water pump works correctly, then at a holiday of the top hose of a radiator pressure will begin to fall.

8.4 If cooling liquid leaks from a filtrational opening, then the water pump should be replaced.

4. The water pump has air vents. For verification of leaks from these openings you will need a small lamp and a pocket mirror as openings are located from below the pump (8.4).

8.5 If the free wheeling is found in a shaft, then the water pump should be replaced.

5. If bearings of the water pump fail, it begins to work with noise. Excessively free wheeling of a pulley testifies to wear of a shaft of the pump (8.5).