5.6. The fan of cooling of the engine - check and replacement of elements

1. The fan of cooling of the engine is controlled by the temperature switch (switch) which is in the lower part of a radiator.
2. At first check safety locks.
3. For check of the engine of the fan, disconnect the socket of connection  of the engine of the fan and connect the accumulator directly to the fan, using connecting wires. If the fan does not work, replace it.
4. If the fan as it should be, check the temperature switch and connecting wires.
5.  Test the temperature switch. Disconnect the socket of connection and ground a fan wire with a connecting wire.
6. If the fan does not work, check conducting.
7. Disconnect a radiator from the engine.

5.8 Disunite a plait of wires and unscrew bolts (are specified by shooters).

8. Separate wires and unscrew the directing nozzle (5.8).

5.9 Holding blades from rotation, unscrew a nut (it is specified by an arrow).

9. Turn off a nut and disconnect fan blades from a shaft of the electric motor (5.9).
10. Unscrew the bolts attaching the fan motor to a casing, and disconnect the fan motor.
11. Installation is carried out upside-down removals.
Attention! The cars equipped with the air conditioner have the additional fan for cooling of the condenser which is located to the left of a radiator.