5.17. The condenser of the air conditioning system - removal and installation

1. Remove a casing, the protecting lattice and a clamp.

16:2á Unscrew the bolts connecting air conditioning system tubes to the condenser.

16:2í Use the supporting key to avoid twisting of tubes.

2. Disconnect a hose and a tube from the condenser (16.2a, 16.2b).

16.3 Quickly isolate open sites an adhesive tape

3. Close openings for prevention of hit in dirt and moisture (16.3).
4. Turn off bolts of fixing arms and remove the condenser from the car.
5. Installation is carried out upside-down removals.
6. At installation of the new condenser add 10 g of oil.
7. Check pressure and tightness of the air conditioning system.

16.4 At removal of the condenser it is necessary to remove the fan as it is possible further
1. Condenser
2. Radiator