5.16. The compressor of the air conditioning system - removal and installation

Attention! The air conditioning system is under big pressure. The system should be discharged at car repair shop.
1. Disconnect a wire of the minus plug of the accumulator.
2. Put the car on the parking brake.
3. Lift a forward part of the car and establish on axial support.
4. Unscrew the pallet and take off a driving belt.
5. Disconnect the socket of connection of the coupling from the compressor.

15.6 Tubes and bolts of the compressor (are specified by shooters) air conditioning systems.

6. Disconnect air conditioning system tubes from the compressor and immediately isolate open sites to avoid hit of dirt and moisture in system (15.6).
7. Turn off fixing bolts and remove the compressor from a fixing arm.
Attention! Carrying out this procedure it is necessary to support liquid level in the compressor. If jammed the compressor, or in the pipeline parts of metal are found, then the system has to be washed out by the expert, and the reception tube of the conditioner should be replaced.
8. Scroll the central part of the coupling six times to remove the remained oil on a head.
9. Installation is carried out upside-down removals.
10.  If you install the new compressor, read the Section on calculation of amount of oil.
11. Check pressure and tightness of the air conditioning system.