5.14. The air conditioning system - check and routine maintenance

Attention! The air conditioning system is under big pressure. Until the system is not discharged at the station, it is impossible to make replacement of details. Use goggles when replacing details of the air conditioning system.
1. The following operations on maintenance of the air conditioning system need to be performed regularly:
a) Check the compressor of a tension belt.
b) Check a state and a tension of a driving compressor belt.
c) Examine all hoses of system on existence of cracks, swellings, hardening and wear tracks. Check reliability of connections.
d) Clear a condenser lattice of leaves and dead insects.
e) Check pressure in air conditioning system.
2. Include air conditioning system approximately for 10 minutes at least once in a month to prolong service life of consolidations.
3. As repair of the air conditioning system requires the special equipment and knowledge, operations of repair of system are not described in this management. However, simple operations of replacement of some elements nevertheless are described in this Chapter.
4.         Low level of coolant is the main reason for bad operation of the cooling system. If you found deterioration in operation of the conditioner, the following actions will help to determine quickly coolant level in system.
5. Warm up the engine up to the normal temperature.
6. Install the conditioner temperature switch on extremely low level, and the switch of operation of the fan - on extremely high. Open doors to be convinced that the air conditioning system is not switched off at achievement of the specified temperature.
7. To check coolant level in the air conditioning system include air conditioning system and check a condition of coolant through a viewing window. If in coolant there are bubbles, and it foams, so the level of coolant is lowered.