5.10. The water pump - replacement and installation.

Attention! Do not start this procedure until the engine does not cool down.
1. Disconnect a wire of the minus plug of the accumulator.
2. Merge cooling liquid.

9.3 At first turn off fixing bolts, then take off driving belts.

3. Remove the left engine mount and turn off fixing bolts of the water pump (9.3).
4. Take off driving belts and the block which is in the end of the water pump.

9.4 At first unscrew a bolt In, then it is necessary to weaken a bolt And yes to disconnect a belt of the air conditioning system. Now unscrew bolts And yes Page.

Disconnect all fixing knot at removal of a belt of the air conditioning system (9.4).
5. Take off a gear belt of the drive and the tension device.
6.  Remove  an arm  of the generator of alternating current from the water pump.
7. Turn off fixing bolts and remove the pump from the engine.
8. Clear carving openings and a carving of fixing bolts.
9. Check whether old and new water pumps are identical.
10. Remove traces of old laying and a sealing ring from the engine.
11. Clear the adjoining surfaces of the engine and the pump solvent or acetone.
12. Establish a new sealing ring in a flute and humidify a ring with cooling liquid.
13. Apply a thin film of sealant on a sealant from the motor and connect it to the water pump. Slightly tighten fixing bolts and establish a sealant into place.
14. Accurately attach the pump to the engine, and slightly tighten fixing bolts. It is necessary to notice that one bolt on the left side of the water pump is slightly longer than others.

9.7a Unscrew fixing bolts (are specified by shooters).

9.7b Fasteners of the water pump.

15. Establish all remained bolts, and gradually tighten them till the required inhaling moment.
16. Establish all remained details.
17. Fill the cooling system and check a tension of driving belts.
Start the engine and check system for tightness.