4.7. The engine - removal and installation

1. If on the car the air conditioning system is installed, discharge it, having addressed experts.
2. Close old blankets forward wings.
3. Remove a cowl.
4. Disconnect and remove the accumulator.
5. Remove the air filter. Remove an inlet branch pipe of a turbocompressor if it is necessary.
6. Merge cooling liquid and remove a radiator.

6.7 Mark all wires before a connection socket detachment

7: Mark and disconnect all hoses, tubes, wires and ropes (6.7).
8. Lift the engine and install it on support.
9. Remove the conditioner compressor, the pump and a tank of system of hydrostrengthening of steering.
10. Merge oil and liquid of the transmission and remove an oil filter.
11. Disconnect a reception pipe from a final collector.
12. Disconnect half shafts from the transmission and close openings in the transmission rags.

6.13 Connect an elevator chain to arms on the engine by means of big bolts and washers

13. Connect the elevator to arms of the engine (6.13).
14. Establish a jack under the transmission.

6.15 On some models it is necessary to remove the main brake cylinder and a fixing arm of the transmission (are specified by shooters) (the model with an engine displacement of 1,5 l is shown)

15. Remove the main brake cylinder and an arm of the transmission (6.15) if it is necessary.

6.16 Remove a long through bolt from fastening of the transmission

16. Remove a through bolt of fastening (6.16).
17. Check that all ropes, hoses, wires and other elements were disconnected from the engine.

6.18 Slowly lift the engine, lowering the transmission

18. Accurately raise the engine and lower the transmission (6.18).
19. Accurately lift the engine and the transmission and remove them from the car.
2O. Remove the transmission from the engine and remove elements of coupling and a flywheel (or the conducted disk).
20. Check fastenings of the engine and the transmission. Replace them if they are damaged.
21.  Check elements of coupling and grease vents of an entrance shaft with high-temperature lubricant.
22. Install the transmission on the engine, and reliably tighten fixing bolts.
23. Connect the elevator to the engine and install it on the car.
24. Establish fixing bolts, and reliably tighten them.
25. Establish all other elements and fastenings upside-down of removal.
26. Fill in cooling liquid, oil, liquid of system of hydrostrengthening of steering and gearbox oil.