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4.27. The first start of the engine after a partition

Attention! At the first start of the engine check existence of the fire extinguisher!
1. After installation of the engine double-check all hoses of the cooling system and lubricant. Add transmission liquid if it is necessary.
2. Having removed spark plugs and having disconnected system of start of the engine, turn a bent shaft of the engine a starter, the alarm bulb of low pressure of oil will not go out yet.
3. Establish spark plugs, connect wires of high voltage and connect system of start of the engine.
4. Start the engine. For creation of necessary pressure in fuel system some time can be required, however the engine has to be started without special problems.
5.  Warm up the engine up to the normal working temperature. Check the engine and the transmission for existence of leak of fuel, oil, cooling liquid and liquid automatic transmissions (if it is established).
6. Kill the engine, and again check the level of oil and cooling liquid.
7. Accelerate the car to 50-90 km/h at whole revolutions of the engine, then wait until speed decreases to 50 km/h at the closed butterfly valve. Repeat this operation of 10-1-2 times. It will create load of piston rings and will force them to nestle on walls of cylinders densely. Again check levels of oil and cooling liquid.
8. Do not give big load of the engine the first 800 km of a run (do not move constantly with vyso-
which speed) and constantly watches oil level. The engine can consume oil during this period.
9. Through 800-950 km of a run replace oil and an oil filter.
10. After that on the engine it is possible to give normal loading, however, do not overload it.
11. Later 3500 km of a run replace oil and an oil filter again.