4.25. Installation of a back epiploon of a bent shaft

1. Check a neck of a bent shaft for existence of scratches or jags which can damage a new epiploon.

24:2á Install an epiploon casing on wooden blocks and beat out an old epiploon

2. Remove an old epiploon from a casing, having noticed depth of its installation. Clear a casing, oil an external edge of a new epiploon and establish it in a casing (24.2a and 24.2b).

24:2í Establish a new epiploon in a casing by means of the wooden block or a piece of a pipe

3. Grease an internal edge of an epiploon and establish it on a bent shaft and the block of cylinders. Use new laying and sealant.
4. Gradually tighten fixing bolts.
5. Establish a maslozashchitny ring by an opening down.