4.21. Inserts of radical and conrod bearings - survey

20.1 Various types of wear of inserts of bearings of sliding

1.  The condition of inserts of bearings will allow you to define the reason of their failure (20.1). After removal, spread out inserts in that order as they are established on the car.
2. Inserts of bearings can be damaged as a result of hit of foreign particles on them or a shortcoming (or absence) lubricants as a result of obstruction of lubricant channels, overloads of the engine, the wrong lubricant gaps of bearings and other reasons.
3. Style of driving of the car also affects service life of bearings. High turns at a low speed of the movement of the car very badly affect a condition of bearings. Frequent short trips during which the engine does not manage to get warm lead to corrosion of bearings. The wrong installation of bearings and an inhaling of fastenings of covers of bearings also conducts to a premature exit of bearings out of operation.