4.20. A bent shaft - survey

1. Clear a bent shaft solvent and dry up it compressed air.
2. Examine necks on existence of wear, scratches, corrosion and cracks.

19.3 Carry out by a copper coin along a shaft neck - if there is a trace from a coin, the surface of a neck needs to be ground

3. Carry out by a copper coin along each of necks several times. If the coin leaves a mark, so the surface of a neck very rough, and it it is necessary to grind (19.3).
4. Remove jags around lubricant openings.
5. Examine a bent shaft on existence of cracks and other damages. For search of the hidden cracks address experts.

19.6 Measure diameter of each of necks in several places to check whether the neck got a conical or oval shape the cylinder it is necessary to chisel and install new pistons and rings

6. By means of a micrometer measure diameter of necks of a bent shaft (19.6) in several places on a circle of a neck and on its length.
7. If necks of a bent shaft are injured, got a conical or oval shape, address experts for processing of a bent shaft.
8. Check necks of epiploons of a bent shaft for existence of wear and damages. If on a neck the flute was wiped or it is scratched, then the new epiploon will not be tight. Address experts for installation of an epiploon of the smaller size or replace a bent shaft.
9. Examine inserts of bearings.