4.18. Honingovaniye of cylinders

1.  Before a honingovaniye  of cylinders establish covers of radical bearings and tighten fixing bolts till the required inhaling moment.

17:2á If you have no wide experience in a honingovaniye of cylinders, use a wire honing-head

17:2í Honing-golovka has to leave the uniform drawing which lines are crossed at an angle 60 °

2. For a honing of cylinders it is possible to use a special brush for a honing  or a honing-head. Install a head in the cylinder, include a drill and move a head in the cylinder up-down with such speed that on walls cylinders the strips which are crossed at an angle 60 were formed (17.2a, 17.2b). At a honingovaniye use a large amount of lubricant. After switching off of a drill, do not take out a honing-head from the cylinder at once, and wait until it stops.
3. Upon completion of a honing chamfer the top edge of the cylinder by means of a file.
4. Process all cylinders and carefully wash out the block of cylinders warm, soap water.
5. Dry up the block and oil it rust proof.