4.15. A bent shaft - removal

14.1 Check an axial side play of a bent shaft by means of the dial sensor
1. Cover of the radical bearing
2. Dial sensor

1. Before removal of a bent shaft check an axial side play by means of the dial sensor (14.1) or a set of probes.

14.2 The arrow on covers of radical bearings is turned to the forward party of the engine (to a gas-distributing belt)
1. Arrow                                
2. Number of the bearing

2. Mark covers of radical bearings if on them there are no marks (14.2) and, turning off bolts of covers on a quarter of a turn for time, turn off and remove bolts of covers.
3. Uncover radical bearings.
4. Remove a bent shaft and establish covers of radical bearings into place, having slightly twirled fixing bolts.