3.7. Hydraulic regulators of valves - removal, check and installation

6.1 Hydraulic regulators of valves are located in back parts of yokes

1. Remove axes of yokes together with yokes and get regulators from yokes (6.1). Remember the correct arrangement of regulators.
2. In turn lower regulators in the capacity filled with diesel oil. By means of the rigid wire inserted into an opening in the top part
the regulator, lower a steel ball and move a plunger up and down several times. Get a wire and squeeze the regulator fingers. If the plunger moves though on small distance, then it means that in the regulator still there is an air.
If the plunger still moves, repeat the previous procedure. If it does not help, replace the regulator.
3. Insert regulators into yokes, establish a cover of valves into place.
4. If you not up to the end pitted air from regulators, then they will rustle when you start the engine. If it occurs, then air can be pitted, having slowly increased speed to 3000 rpm for one minute. If noise does not take place replace the damaged regulators.