3.5. Yokes - removal, check and installation

1. Uncover valves.
2. Install the first piston in the top dead point

4.3 Unscrew bolts (are specified by shooters), the fixing axes of yokes - in the drawing the Galant engine of 2.0 l is shown

3. Weaken adjusting bolts of yokes, turning their every time on one fourth turns until spring pressure completely does not weaken (4.3). Get bolts. If you carry out works with    the DOHC engine,  remove  camshafts.
4. Remove yokes and axes of yokes from a head of cylinders. If hydraulic regulators of valves are installed in the engine, try to make so that they did not fly from yokes. Wrap up the ends of yokes pieces of an insulating tape to fix regulators on the places.

4.5 Yokes and axes of yokes
1. The left axis of yokes (than the right axis is longer)
2. Right axis of yokes
3. Forward cover
4. The arrow shows towards a pulley of a bent shaft
5. Yokes
6. Yoke of the inlet valve
7. A spring - length in a free condition of 53,3 mm
8. N2 cover
9. N3 cover
10. N4 cover
11. Corrugated washer
12. back cover

5. To sort and check yokes, unscrew fixing bolts, remove yokes and springs from axes (4.5).

4.6 Examine the adjoining surfaces and tips of adjusting screws (are specified by shooters)

6. Carefully clean details and examine them on existence of wear and damages. In SOHC engines check surfaces of yokes which adjoin to the camshaft and tips of adjusting screws (4.6). Replace all damaged or worn-out details. Make sure that lubricant openings in axes of yokes are not littered.

4.7 Unscrew adjusting screws so that their tips acted on 1 mm

7. Weaken lock-nuts of adjusting screws of yokes and unscrew screws (4.7) until their ends do not act on 1 mm.
8. Grease all details with special lubricant or engine oil and collect axes of yokes (SOHC engines). When you establish yokes, axes and springs consider their marking and a difference between the left and right part. In 8 valvate engines
cuts in the ends of axes have to be directed up. Install axes in 16 valvate Galant engines so that cuts were directed outside. Insert fixing bolts (16 valvate) or establish covers (the 8th valvate) to fix details.
9. Insert hydraulic regulators into yokes and wrap up the ends of yokes an insulating tape to fix regulators.
10. Establish collected axes and yokes on a head of cylinders, insert fixing bolts and tighten bolts fingers. Check marking on covers. Shoot the insulating film from yokes.
11. Tighten bolts in stages till the necessary moment of an inhaling.
12. Adjust gaps of valves by means of adjusting screws (the engine cold)
13. Temporarily establish a cover of valves on the place, start the engine and warm up it.
14. Carry out repeated adjustment of gaps of valves at the warmed engine
15. establish the remained details as it should be the return to a dismantle order.
16. Start the engine and check it for existence of leaks.