3.4. A cover of valves - removal and installation

1. Disconnect a wire of the minus plug of the accumulator.
2. Remove the air filter.

3.3 Carefully disconnect wires of spark plugs from clips

3. Disconnect wires of spark plugs and arms of ropes from a cover of valves (3.3).
Attention! In DOHC engines remove the central cover to open access to spark plugs.
4. Mark and disconnect ropes and hoses of the exhaust system which are connected to a cover of valves or lie over it.

3.5a Unscrew bolts of a cover of valves (are specified by shooters) - the 2,0 l engine is shown

3.5b Cover of valves of the SOHC engine, yoke and camshaft
1. Gas-distributing belt
2. Camshaft asterisk
3. Camshaft epiploon
4. Semicircular consolidation
5. Camshaft
6. Yokes
7. Semicircular consolidation
8 Ventilating hose
9. Rope clip
10. Cover of valves

3.5s Cover of valves of the DOHC engine, yoke and camshaft
1. Gas-distributing belt
2. Camshaft asterisk (inlet valves]
3. Camshaft asterisk (final valves)
4. Camshaft epiploon
5. Covers of bearings of the camshaft
6.    Camshaft bearing cover
7. Camshaft (inlet valves)
8. Camshaft (final valves)
9.    Camshaft bearing cover
10. Camshaft bearing cover
11. Semicircular consolidation 12. Ventilating hose

5. Unscrew bolts of a cover of valves (3.5a, 3.5b, 3.5s) and uncover. If the cover strong stuck to a head of cylinders, carefully knock on it with the wooden hammer.
6. Carefully clean a cover, having removed traces of old laying.
7. Establish new laying on a cover. Put on a cover a head of cylinders and insert bolts.
Attention! Do not forget to establish semicircular consolidation in a head of cylinders (3.5a, 3,5b). Apply a small amount of sealant on a back part of consolidation, establish consolidation and apply sealant on its top part.
8. Tighten bolts until an inhaling specified in technical characteristics. After you finished installation, start the engine and examine it on existence of leaks.