3.3. Repair operations which carrying out is possible without removal of the engine from the car

and. Before carrying out any works, clean any solvent office of the engine and an external part of the engine.
. To prevent damages of paint of forward parts of a body, close them special slips or rags.
century. If you found leak of vacuum, exhaust gases, oil or cooling liquid, replacement of laying or consolidation can be carried out, without removing the engine from the car.
. Replacement of laying of a final collector, laying of the oil pallet, epiploons of a bent shaft and laying of a head of cylinders.
. External details of the engine, such as final collectors, oil pallet (and the oil pump), it is possible to dismantle the water pump, a starter, the generator, the distributor and details of fuel system, without removing the engine.
e. Without removal of the engine carrying out servicing of details of valves, replacement of asterisks and a gas-distributing belt is also possible.