3.18. Engine support - check and replacement

1. The worn-out or broken fastenings of the engine need to be replaced immediately.
2. When conducting check it is necessary to raise the engine a little to take off pressure of fastenings.
3. Lift the car and fix it on props. Establish a jack under the oil pallet and lift the engine.
4. Check rubber shock-absorbers of fastenings
5. Lower the engine and tighten clips of fastenings.
6. For wear reduction shock-absorbers can be covered with special structure.
7. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the accumulator, lift the car and fix it on props.

17:8á The Left fastening is located near a cover of a gas-distributing belt and attached to the engine by two bolts and nuts (are specified by shooters) (2,0 l)

17:8í Left fastening of the engine (1,5 l)

17:8ó Fastening of the transmission

17:8ú Back fastening

17:8ñ Forward fastening

8. Remove clips of fastenings and remove fastenings (17.8a, 17.8b, 17.8v, 17.8g, 17.8d).
9. Install new shock-absorbers in fastenings.
10. Establish fastenings on places.