3.16. A flywheel - removal and installation

1. Lift and fix the car on support. Remove transmission. If it proceeds, replace forward laying.
2. Remove press a clutch plate. Check coupling details.

15:3á Openings of bolts of a flywheel are symmetrized not (1,5l)

15:3í In engines with symmetrically located bolts note the adjusting provision of a flywheel

3. Before removing a flywheel note its correct adjusting situation (15.3a, 15.3b)
4. Unscrew the bolts fixing a flywheel to a bent shaft previously having stopped a flywheel the screw-driver.
5. Remove a flywheel. 
6. Clean a flywheel from oil and lubricant. Examine a surface on existence of cracks, scratches and other damages. Check whether is not present or the chopped-off or absent teeth.
7. Clean and check the joined surfaces of a flywheel and a bent shaft. If the back epiploon of a bent shaft proceeds, replace it.
8. Put on a flywheel a bent shaft, having taken the correct arrangement of openings of bolts into account. Before establishing bolts, grease carvings with the pressurizing structure.
9. Tighten bolts till the necessary moment of an inhaling.
10. Establish the remained details.