3.14. The oil pallet - removal and installation

1. Disconnect a wire of the minus plug of the accumulator.
2. Lift the car and install it on support.
3. Remove the antisplash pallet from under the engine, get the probe and merge engine oil.
4. Unscrew a forward exhaust pipe from a final collector.

13:5á Shooters specified bolts of the oil pallet

5. Unscrew bolts (13.5a

13:5í Knock with the wooden hammer on the pallet

) also lower the oil pallet. If the pallet stuck, knock on it with the wooden hammer (13.5b).
6. Clean the oil pallet and the joined surfaces. Clean off traces of old laying.

13.7 If the pallet has no laying apply glue-sealant

1. Sealant
2. Sealant has to lie in a flute
3. Sealant has to is applied from the inside of a bolt

7. If the oil pallet has no laying, apply 4 mm a glue-sealant layer on the joined surface of the pallet (13.7). If laying is used, paste it a thin layer of sealant.
8. Install the pallet into place and tighten bolts a hand.
Then tighten bolts in the diagonal sequence till the required inhaling moments.
9. Establish the remained details.
10. Fill in engine oil in the engine.