3.12. A final collector - removal and installation

Attention! Before works, surely let's the engine cool down completely.
1. Disconnect a wire from the minus plug of the accumulator. In 16 valvate Galant SOHC and DOHC engines remove the fan of the air conditioner.
2. Put the car on the emergency brake and block back wheels. Lift the car and fix it on the supports established under axes.

11.3 Twist nuts (are specified by an arrow)

3. Twist nuts which fix the exhaust system to a back part of a final collector (11.3).
4. In engines of carburetor type remove the air filter.
5. Disconnect a wire of the oxygen sensor.

11.6 Twist nuts (are specified by shooters) tubes of system of air supply (1,5 l)

6. If the engine is equipped with the system giving air to a final collector, unscrew a nut of a tube of this system (11.6) and disconnect a tube from a final collector.

11.7 Unscrew bolts of the fire-resistant screen (are specified by shooters) (2,0 l)

7. Unscrew three bolts fixing a fire-resistant partition (11.7) and remove a partition.

11.8 Twist fixing nuts of a final collector (are specified by shooters) (2,0 l)

8. Twist fixing nuts of a final collector (11.8), arms and details of final system.
9. Get a collector from office of the engine.
10. Check and clean all carving fastenings.
11. Accurately clean off the remains of old laying from the joined surface and examine a surface on existence of wear and cracks.

11:12 Establish laying (1,5 l)

12. Establish new laying on adjusting pins (11.12), establish a collector and tighten nuts till the required inhaling moments.
13. Establish the remained details.
14. Start the engine and check whether there are no leaks in the exhaust system.