2.6. Check of a condition of a protector and pressure in tires

1. Periodic check of a condition of a protector can give important information on a condition of a suspension bracket and steering.

5.2 For check of depth of a protector use the special indicator

2. Metal plates which are installed in tires testify to wear of tires, and become visible when depth of a protector decreases to 1-2 mm (5.2).

5.3a This table will help you to define a condition of tires, the possible reasons of uneven wear and will specify necessary actions for their elimination

3.  Examine tires on existence of uneven wear, cuts or punctures (5.3a, 5.3b and 5.3v).

5.3b If pressure in the tire constantly decreases, check reliability of an inhaling of a zolotnik

5.3v If the zolotnik is reliably tightened, apply soap water on the tire, slowly rotating it - in the place of a puncture liquid will bubble

4. Examine inside of tires on existence of traces of leak of brake fluid.

5.5 For extension of service life of tires check pressure in tires at least once a week by means of the exact sensor of pressure

5.  Maintenance of the correct pressure in tires prolongs service life of tires and improves running characteristics of the car. Pressure sensor is necessary for check of pressure in tires. Always check pressure in tires when they are cold.