2.4. Schedule of maintenance

Though intervals of maintenance are based on recommendations of the manufacturer, most of them can be reduced for maintenance of the car in the best state.
Each 400 km or weekly
Check the level of engine oil. Check the level of cooling liquid. Check the level of the washing windshield liquid
Check electrolyte level in the accumulator. Check the level of brake fluid. Check a condition of tires and pressure in tires
Each 5 000 km or in 3 months
All checks stated above plus
Check the level of hydraulic liquid of system of hydrostrengthening of steering
Check the level of liquid of the automatic transmission
Replace engine oil and an oil filter
Each 10 000 km or in 6 months
Check/replace brushes of screen wipers of a windshield
Check/adjust a free wheeling of a pedal of coupling
Check the accumulator
Check/adjust a tension of driving belts
Check/replace hoses in a motive compartment
Check the cooling system
Carry out shift of wheels
Each 25 000 km or in 12 months
All checks stated above plus
Check brakes
Check/replace the air filter and the filter of system of ventilation of a case.
Check the sensor of positioning of a butterfly valve (the Mirage model of 1986 of release earlier, and also the Precis models of 1989 of release with the 1,5 l carburetor engine earlier)
Check/adjust gaps of the valvate mechanism
Check/adjust idling speed - only for models with the carburetor engine
Check a power supply system
Check elements of steering and a suspension bracket
Check covers of half shafts
Check system of production of the fulfilled gases
Check the level of gearbox oil on models with the mechanical transmission
Each 50 000 km or in 24 months
Replace the fuel filter
Check/replace spark plugs
Check/replace wires of high voltage, a cover of the distributor and the runner
Check the air gate and clear the connecting mechanism
Check air you filtrzamenit driving belts for the water pump and the generator
Wash out the cooling system
Check bearings of back wheels and replace lubricant
Replace brake fluid
Replace liquid of the automatic transmission and the filter
Replace gearbox oil
Each 80 000 km or in 40 months
Check system of collecting vapors of fuel and replace the coal filter
Check/adjust an ignition advancing corner
Check/replace the valve of ventilation of a case
Replace the sensor of content of oxygen
Each 100 000 km or in 48 months
Replace a gas-distributing belt
Replace a tube of an intake of air and oil hoses of a turbocompressor