2.35. Replacement of liquid and filter of the automatic transmission

1. Liquid of the automatic transmission needs to be replaced through certain intervals
2. Pass on the car to warm up liquid of the automatic transmission.
3. Lift the car and install it on support.

34.4 Using a wrench with the closed head, remove a cap of a drain opening of the automatic transmission, without unscrewing it

4.  Remove a cap of a drain opening (34.4), merge liquid and establish a cap into place.

34.5 Turn off fixing bolts (are specified by shooters) and remove the filter

5.  Remove the oil pallet  of the transmission, turn off fixing bolts and remove the filter (34.5).
6. Install the new filter into place and tighten fixing bolts till the required inhaling moment.
7. Establish new laying of the oil pallet and install the pallet on the transmission.
8. Lower the car on the earth and fill in new liquid of the automatic transmission through a probe tube for check of level of liquid.