2.33. Check, replacement of lubricant and adjustment of bearings of back wheels (only for models with back drum brakes)

1. Lift a back part of the car and install it on support. Twist a wheel and check,

32.1 Tools and materials necessary for service of bearings of back wheels
1. Hammer
2. Lubricant
3. Wooden block
4. Nippers
5. Dynamometer key
6. Screw-driver
7. Cap key
8. Brush

that it rotated without noise, resistance and excessively free wheeling. Try to move a wheel back and forth on an axis. If a free wheeling too big, bearings it is necessary to check and replace lubricant (32.1).
Lubricant replacement

32.2 Remove a dustproof cap

2. Remove a dustproof cap from a nave (32.2).

32.3a Get to the check

 3. Get to the check and remove a lock ring (32.3a and 32.3b).

32.3b Remove a lock ring

32.4 Remove a washer by means of the small screw-driver

4. Turn off and remove a nut of fastening of a nave and a washer (32.4).

32.5 Remove the external bearing

5. Pull a nave on yourself and return back to initial situation. Remove the external bearing (32.5).

32.6 Remove an epiploon

6. Remove a nave and remove an epiploon from a reverse side of a nave. Remove the internal bearing. (32.6)
7. By means of solvent and a brush clear bearings, a nave and an axis. Examine bearings on existence of cracks and wear tracks.

32.8 Apply lubricant on rollers bearings

8. Fill bearings and a nave with new lubricant (32.8). Install the internal bearing in a nave and establish a new epiploon.
9. Accurately establish a nave on an axis and install the external bearing into place.
Adjustment - a koronchaty nut
10. Establish a washer and a nut. Slightly put the clamp.
11.  Scroll a nave forward several times and weaken a nut inhaling.
12. Densely tighten a nut. Establish a lock ring and insert new to the check. Bend the ends checks.

32.13 Establish a dustproof cap into place

13. Establish a dustproof cap (32.13).