2.32. Maintenance of the cooling system (replacement of cooling liquid and washing)

1. Periodically cooling liquid it is necessary to replace and wash out the cooling system for prevention of formation of corrosion and a rust.
Discharge of cooling liquid

31.2 Before opening of the drain valve, put on the union a hose for discharge of cooling liquid

2. Uncover a radiator. Remove the protective guard located under a radiator. Connect a hose with a diameter about 9 mm to the drain union and merge cooling liquid. (31.2).

31.3 After cooling liquid is merged from a radiator, remove a cap of the block of cylinders and wait until cooling liquid flows down from the block of cylinders
1. Radiator 2. Cap

3.  Then remove a cap of a drain opening of the block of cylinders and merge cooling liquid from the engine (31.3).
4. Check a condition of hoses of a radiator, hoses of an oven and collars. Replace the damaged collars and hoses.
5. After a slitiya of cooling liquid wash out a radiator clear water from a hose. For removal of a rust and a scum use the special cleaning solutions.
Gulf of cooling liquid
6. Close a drain branch pipe on a radiator and establish a cap of a drain opening on the block of cylinders.
7. Transfer a rychazhok of adjustment of temperature in salon to the provision of the maximum temperature.
8. Gradually fill in new cooling liquid (50% mix of water and antifreeze) in a radiator. Fill in cooling liquid in a broad tank to the mark MIN.
9. Without closing a radiator cover, warm up the engine so that the thermostat opened (cooling liquid will begin to flow through a radiator, and the top hose of a radiator will become hot).
10.  Kill the engine and wait until it cools down. Add cooling liquid that its level rose to edge of a jellied mouth of a radiator.
11. Squeeze the top hose of a radiator to remove from it air, then add cooling liquid if it is necessary. Establish a radiator cover into place.