2.3. Operations of adjustment and special service

1. Operation of the engine can worsen if neglected its current maintenance. In that case it is necessary to perform the following operations:
Primary operations
a) Clear and check the accumulator.
b) Check the level and a condition of oil and cooling liquid.
c) Check a state and a tension of driving belts
d) Replace spark plugs.
e) Check a cover of the distributor and the runner
e) Check wires of high voltage
g) Check and adjust idling speed.
h) Check the valve of ventilation of a case, i) check the air filter.
j) Check the cooling system.
k) Check a condition of all hoses in a motive compartment.
If these operations do not improve operation of the engine, execute the following secondary operations.

Secondary operations
a) Check system of recirculation of exhaust gases
b) Check system of ignition
c) Check system of recharge of the accumulator
d) Check a power supply system
e) Replace the air filter
e) Replace a cover of the distributor of ignition and the runner
g) Replace wires of high voltage

1.2 Arrangement of cylinders and position of the runner of the distributor

1.3 The basic elements in a motive compartment demanding regular check (the Galant model of 1990 is shown)
1 A tank of the washing windshield liquid
2 Tank of brake fluid
3 Valve of system of ventilation of a case
4 Cover of a jellied mouth of engine oil
5  Tank of liquid of system of hydrostrengthening of steering
6 Tank of cooling liquid
7 Driving belt
8 The probe for check of level of oil
9 Wires of high voltage
10 Spark plugs
11 Radiator cover
12 Radiator hose
13  Probe of check of level of liquid of the automatic transmission
14 Accumulator
15 Block of safety locks
16 Air filter

1.4 The basic elements from below a motive compartment demanding regular check
1 Probe of check of level of liquid of the automatic transmission
2 Nizhny Novgorod radiator hose
3 Oil filter
4 Drain opening of a radiator
5 Driving belt
6 Support of a disk brake
7 Cover CV JOINT
8 Cap of a drain opening of an oil case
9 System of production of the fulfilled gases
10 Oil pallet of the automatic transmission

1.5 Basic elements in a back part the cars demanding regular check
1 Jellied mouth and hose of a jellied mouth of the fuel tank
2 Muffler
3 Racks of a back suspension bracket
4 Back drum brakes
5 Exhaust pipe
6 Fuel tank
7 Zadny Bridge