2.28. Replacement of spark plugs

27.1a Tools necessary for replacement of spark plugs

1. A nest for replacement of spark plugs
2. Dynamometer key
3. Treshchotochny key
4. Extender
5. Wire sensor

27.1b For check of a spark gap use the wire sensor

27.1v For measurement of size of a gap accurately turn in an external electrode

1. For replacement of spark plugs you will need a special nest with the rubber plug which will hold a candle at installation, a treshchotochny wrench and the wire sensor for measurement of a spark gap.  When replacing  spark plugs adjust spark gaps of new candles and replace candles in turn (27.1a, 27.1b and 27.1v).

27.2 At a detachment of wires of high voltage undertake a cap, but not wires

2. Undertake a cap of connection of a wire, turn it and remove from a candle (27.2).
3. Clear area around a candle compressed air.

27.4 By means of a cap wrench with a special nest and the extender unscrew a spark plug

4. Remove a spark plug (27.4).
5. Examine a spark plug and compare it to candles in photos.

27.6 At installation of spark plugs use a tube with a diameter of 5 mm not to damage a carving

6. For simplification of installation of a candle put on it a piece of a tube with a diameter of 5 mm which will serve as the universal hinge when twisting a candle (27.6).
7. Connect a wire to a spark plug.
8. Replace other candles similarly.