2.23. Check of steering and suspension bracket

When the car costs on the earth
1.  Stop the car  and establish wheels directly. Shake a steering wheel to the right-to the left. If a free wheeling too big, so bearings of forward wheels, the hinge of a shaft of a steering column, the hinge of an intermediate shaft are worn-out, - spherical hinges of the lower levers of a suspension bracket or hinges of steering.
2. If the body of the car is exposed to too strong vibration at movement along the bad road, excessively bends at turns or the steering wheel gets jammed, it demonstrates existence of faulty elements of steering and a suspension bracket.
3. Check shock-absorbers, having shaken the car up-down.
When the car is lifted, and wheels are free
4. Lift the car and install it on support.
5. Check wear of a protector and pressure in tires.

22.6 Press on a cover of the steering mechanism for check it on existence of cracks and leak

6. Check the universal hinge between shaft of a steering column and the steering mechanism. Check a casing of the steering mechanism for existence of traces of leak. Check covers and boots. Check tips of steering drafts for existence of excessively free wheeling. Check an inhaling of bolts, a condition of plugs and existence of the damaged elements of a suspension bracket (22.6).
7. Examine covers of spherical hinges on existence of damages or traces of leak of lubricant. Replace covers if they are damaged.