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2.17. Check of brakes

1. Every time at removal of wheels or if they do not function correct is recommended to check brakes than the following signs testify: the car pulls aside when pressing a pedal of a brake, a brake publish a scratch  when braking; excessive course of a pedal of a brake; brake pedal pulsation; detection of leak of brake fluid.
Disk brakes

16.2 Check thickness of brake slips through an opening in a support (it is specified by an arrow)

2. Check thickness of brake slips through a viewing opening in a support (16.2).
3. For more detailed check remove a support and slips and measure their thickness.
4. Check a brake disk for existence of scratches or the burned-through areas.
5. Before installation of wheels check all tubes and hoses for existence of damages, wear tracks, deformations, cracks, traces of leak or corrosion. Check reliability of connections.
Back drum brakes
6. Remove the brake drum.

Attention! The dust formed as a result of wear of brakes contains asbestos which is hazardous to health. Do not inhale it.

16.7 Thickness of frictional material of brake shoes is measured from an external surface to a metal basis

7. Check thickness of frictional material on brake shoes and replace them if distance from a surface to rivets less than 1-2 mm. Replace blocks if they are polluted by oil or cracked (16.7).
8. Check returnable and clamping springs, and also the adjusting mechanism.

16.9 Accurately unbend a cover of the wheel cylinder and check leak existence

9. Examine the wheel cylinder on leak existence, having unbent rubber covers (16.9).
10. Examine the brake drum on existence of cracks, scratches and traces of excessive wear.
Parking brake
8. For check of a parking brake experience its action, having stopped the car on a steep slope.