2.14. Check and replacement of hoses in a motive compartment

General description
1. High temperatures in a motive compartment can lead to deterioration in a condition of rubber and plastic hoses. Therefore it is necessary to check periodically hoses for existence of cracks, wear tracks, leaks, hardening of material and reliability of an inhaling of collars.
Vacuum hoses
2. Usually all vacuum hoses have unique color or are marked with color strips. When replacing hoses always check that new hoses were made of the same material, as old hoses.
3. For check of a hose it is recommended to remove it from the car completely. When checking hoses do not forget to check T-shaped connections.
Fuel hoses
Attention: On models with electronic injection of fuel do not forget to release pressure from a power supply system before a detachment of fuel hoses.
4. Check all rubber fuel hoses and tubes for existence of wear tracks, cracks or damages. When replacing fuel hoses use the hoses which are only specially intended for this purpose.
Turbocompressor hoses
5. On models with a turbocompressor it is necessary to check periodically a hose of air supply and oil hoses for existence of leak or cracks.
Metal tubes
6. Check that tubes were not bent, burst or broken. When replacing tubes use голько the integral tubes which do not have a seam.