15.9. Headlights of head light - removal and installation

1. Disconnect a wire of the minus plug of the accumulator.
Headlights of the closed type
2. Remove a front grille if it is necessary.

9.3 For a headlight of the closed type, turn off screws of fastening (1) - for adjustment of a headlight down tighten up the adjusting screw (2) (the screw of horizontal adjustment is located sideways headlights)

3. Turn off fixing screws and remove a decorative frame. Turn off fastening screws, trying not to rotate adjusting screws (9.3).
4. Remove a fixing ring and get a headlight of head light so that it was possible to disconnect the connection socket.
5. Remove a headlight.
6. For installation of a headlight connect the connection socket, establish a headlight into place, establish fastening and fixing screws. Reliably tighten screws.
7. Establish a front grille if it is necessary.
Headlights with a replaceable bulb
Attention! Do not touch bulb glass by fingers as fat from fingers can lead to an overheat of a bulb and its premature exit out of operation.

9.8 Wring out a lock uvula and disconnect the socket of connection of a bulb

8. Open a cowl and disconnect the socket of connection of a headlight (9.8).

9.9 Turn fastening counterclockwise for its removal...

9. On a reverse side of a headlight undertake fastening, turn it counterclockwise and remove (9.9).

9.10... then get a bulb

10. Get a bulb from the boss (9.10).
11. Establish a new bulb.
12. Establish fastening and turn it clockwise.
13. Connect the connection socket.