15.6. The relay - the general description

Some elements of electric equipment in the car use the relay for transfer of an electric signal to any element of a chain. If the relay failed, this element of electric equipment will also normally not function.
Various relays are installed in various places on the car.
If you suspect that any relay is faulty," it can be removed and given for check to auto repair shop. Faulty relays need to be replaced.

6.1 On the majority of models the breaker of indexes of turns and the alarm system is located in the block of safety locks
1. Relay of the fan of cooling of a radiator
2. Breaker of indexes of turns and alarm system
safety lock. If the new safety lock at once fuses, it is necessary to find the reason of it before to establish a new safety lock. The short circuit in a chain caused by the torn or worn out wire is the most probable cause of burn-out of a safety lock.