15.4. The burned-through crossing points - the general description

Some chains of electric equipment are protected by the burned-through crossing points. Crossing points are used in those chains which are not protected by usual safety locks, such as a chain of system of ignition.
The burned-through crossing points used on these models are similar to safety locks meaning that their state can also be checked visually. For replacement of the burned-through crossing point, disconnect a wire of the negative plug of the accumulator. Get the fused crossing point from the socket of connection and replace it new. Always in the beginning define
the reason of failure of an old crossing point, before installation new.
Attention: If the stereoplayer of your car has system of the coding, check whether you know a code of activation of the player before an accumulator detachment.

4.1a On models of early years of release the main burned-through crossing point (it is specified by an arrow) is established on an accumulator wire

4.1b On models of late years of release disconnect a crossing point and replace it new - remove the cause of burn-out of a crossing point before installation of the new burned-through crossing point