15:11. Replacement of bulbs

1. Lenses of the majority of bulbs fasten by means of screws therefore to get access to bulbs very easily.
2. On some bulbs lenses fasten by means of latches. Remove the lens from a bulb by means of the small screw-driver.

11:3á Access to some bulbs can be got, having got a cartridge from a casing (turn counterclockwise)

11:3í For replacement of other bulbs just get a cartridge

3. Several types of bulbs are used. For replacement of some, on a bulb it is necessary to press and turn it  counterclockwise (11.3a and 11.3b). The others can just be got from a nest.

11:4á On this block of switches turn a cartridge counterclockwise and remove it from the block for receiving access to a bulb

4. For receiving access to bulbs of an instrument guard or switches (11.4a and 11.4b) it is necessary to remove an instrument guard or the switch.

11:4í After removal of an instrument guard turn a cartridge with a bulb and remove it from a guard, then get a bulb from the boss