14.9. A cowl - removal, installation and adjustment

Removal and installation
1. Close body panels old blankets.

9.2 Make marks in loops around bolts, and also depict the provision of a loop on a cowl

2. Put adjusting marks around heads of bolts for the correct adjustment of provision of a cowl (9.2).
3. Disconnect ropes and wires which can prevent removal.
4. Ask the assistant to support a cowl and turn off bolts or screws, the fixing loops to a cowl,
5. Remove a cowl.
6. Installation is carried out upside-down removals.

9.7 Turn off fixing bolts (are specified by shooters) and move a cowl as it is necessary

7.  For adjustment of provision of a cowl put marks around loops (9.2 or 9.7), turn off fixing nuts or bolts and move a cowl as it is necessary (9.7).

9.8a For adjustment of position of the lock, make marks around fixing screws (are specified by shooters), turn off screws, move the lock as
it is necessary, and twirl screws

9.8b by means of the screw-driver and a wrench change the provision of a latch of the lock (not on all models)

8. Adjust position of the lock of a cowl (9.8a and 9.8b).

9.9 Adjust cowl height, having changed height of a rubber emphasis (it is specified by an arrow)

9. Adjust height of a rubber emphasis (9.9).
10. Periodically grease loops and the lock.