14:14. A trunk lid of models with a body like "Hatchback" - removal, installation and adjustment

1  Open a trunk lid and close surrounding panels old blankets.
2 Disconnect the ropes, hoses and wires preventing removal.

14.3 Elements of a trunk lid of models with a body like (Hatchback) - height of a rubber emphasis is subject to adjustment
1. Loop
2. Spherical hinge
3 Finishing panel
4. Latch
5. Lock
6. Cover
7. Consolidation
8. Rubber emphasis
9. Rope
10. Spoiler
11. Handle of opening of a cover

3. Having asked the assistant to support a cover, disconnect basic racks (14.3).
4. Turn off fixing nuts of loops and uncover the car.
5. Installation is carried out upside-down removals.
6. After installation adjust the provision of a cover and latch.